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Choreographer, Dancer and Multidisciplinary Artist

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Nina Traub

Nina Traub, born 1992, choreographer, dancer and a multidisciplinary artist from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Interested in the research of movement through temperature, music, angles and  landscape. Examine the body from a sculptural and plastic points of view, working with various materials, colors and textures and creating herself the visual environment of her works. Her stage works string along with drawing, through them she tries to understand and precise her choices, deepen her research. Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem. Trained from an early age in various professional dance establishments. 

Lecturer at the multidisciplinary unit at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

Performed her works: Théâtre de la Ville, Cité-

International des Arts (Paris); Im_flieger (Vienna), Officine CAOS (Turin), CIRCE - Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre (Georgia); YARAT contemporary art space (Azerbaijan); Habait Theatre, Tmuna Theatre, Suzanne Dellal International Exposure (TLV) ; Jerusalem International Dance Week, Museum for Islamic Art, Hazira-Performance Art Arena, The International Performance Conference (Jerusalem); and more.

Residencies: Le CENTQUATRE- PARIS, Ménagerie de Verre, La Briqueterie, Cité International des Arts (Paris), P.A.R.T.S / ROSAS (Brussels), Im_flieger (Vienna), Habait Theatre, Kelim Choreography Center, Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre (Israel).



2013-2017: Graduated at the SVT (School of Visual Theatre), Jerusalem, Israel.   

2010-2012: Participant at the Bat Sheva company’s excellence program  for young dancers.

2010:             Full Matriculation Certificate, Ironi Alef High School, Tel-Aviv.  Major: Dance and                   


Work experience

2023:     A Soundtrack album release by the Berlin-based label SYN SYN with the musician Zoe Polanski, 

                of the performance FAINTINGS.

2023:     Faintings | French premier at Le CENTQUATRE - Paris, Séquence Danse festival,       

                April 2023.

2023:    Faintings Hazira Performance Art Arena, Jerusalem, March 2023.

2023:    Workshop  for “Adama” School for movement, Sderot. March 2023.

2022:    Guest lecturer at the AA - Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, at  

                the MA/MFA Spatial Performance and Design (AAIS) program, November 2022.
2022:    Faintings | Austrian premier at Im_flieger - Vienna, November 2022.
2022:    Lecturer at the multidisciplinary unit at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
2022:    Faintings | Nifgashot Festival - Tel Aviv, July, 2022.
2022:    Faintings | Tel Aviv Premier at Habait Theatre, June, 2022.

2022:    Faintings | European premiere at Officine CAOS, Turin, Italy (April 2022).

2021:     Faintings | Premier, Hazira- Performance ArtArena, Jerusalem (October 2021).

2021:     Rest Mass A group exhibition at Edmond de Rothschild Center, Tel Aviv, curated by Tali Ben


2021:     Faintings - Part One: A performance at Kelim- A body for choreographic work, Bat Yam.

2021:     CIRCE - Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia | Screening of my work 


2020:   Suzanne Dellal Center - International Exposure 2020 | with my work Waterfalls.

2020:   Hive |  A collaboration with artist Lukas Zerbst and musician Koki Nakano. A short film created

               during COVID-19 quarantine. Supported by the Cité International des Arts and Hazira-

               Performance ArtArena.

2020:   Sans Faire d’Indiscretion |  Canal  | A meeting- show event at CND (Centre national de la danse)

               in Paris. As a performer in a piece of the choreographer Nina Berclaz.

2019:    VOL_UTION |  Performer in a piece by Jasminka Stenz at the Cité International des Arts, Paris.

2019:    Waterfalls |  Premiered at “Habait Theatre” in April 2019 and performed again in 

               August 2019. Also got accepted to the Jerusalem International dance week and performed on 

               December 2019 in Beit Shmuel in Jerusalem.

2019:    Schweig und Sprechen |  Choreographer and a performer of an installation and performance 

               project by Noa Segev at the AA - Architecture Association School of Architecture in London.

2018:    A Nightly Adventure from the Books | A collaboration with artist Yasmin Steinmetz. Direction  

               and production. A nightly tour under flashlights and a meeting with characters from the national

               library's collection for children during  Hanukkah. Took place in the National Library, Jerusalem.  

2018:    9 souls |  Invited for a residency of 9 days at the SVT (school of visual theatre)to create with a

               collective of 9 creators a shared life performance evening for the International performance

               conference in Jerusalem.

2018:    Marbles | A dancer- performer in a work by Avi Gibson Bar- el and Sahar  Azimi at Bat- Yam


2018:    Flood |  Created a new work for the “Israel festival” as part of a performance evening in the

               Museum of Islam, Jerusalem. 

2018:    No Bears No Forest |  My Collaboration work with the artists- Noam Alon and clémence Turpin. 

               performed at the “Danse Elargie 2018” competition, In “Theatre de la ville” ,Paris.

2018:    Shmulik shel Zohara | Movement guidance to the play “Shmulik shel Zohara”in “Goodman” acting 

               school in Beersheba 

2018:    Me VS the Pigeons | An actor in a short film by Daniel Reeb.

2017:    Princess of the Sun | A collaboration with the artist Ruti De Vrise. Light performance and a 

              story for children at the Science Museum in Jerusalem According to David Grossman's book

              "Princess of the Sun".

2017:     Where the Sun Sets | “Tmuna Festival” at Tmuna theater , Tel Aviv |  Edmond de  Rothschild                            Center Tel Aviv- Performance evening- "Zero Point"| “Autumn cult” The Season Opening of 

                “Hazira- Performance ArtArena” in Jerusalem, 2018.

2017:     Fruit of Your Imagination |  A collaboration with artist Anat Bosak. Creation and performance of a 

               children's play for the  Jerusalem Science Museum.

2016:     The Last Defender  | Performer in this piece by choreographer Sahar Azimi in the Israel Museum.

2016:     Feeling Something  | Performer in this piece by Matar Pershitz in the YMCA Jerusalem in the 

                International Performance Conference.

2016:     Yearning |  “Tmuna festival” at Tmuna theater ,Tel Aviv | Tel-Aviv Artists' Studios.

2016:     My Emptiness | Dancer and Choreographer of a music video clip by Alex Moshe.

2013:     Seen and Unseen | Performer in Matar Pershitzs creation in the Jerusalem in the International 

                Performance Conference.

2010:     Footnote | An actor in a film by Joseph Cedar

2008:    Srugim | An actor in a series by Laizy Shapiro 

2007:    All Begins at Sea | An actor in a film by Eitan Green 


Residencies | Grants | Workshops 

2024:     Upcoming: Residency at the ICI-CCN Montpellier.

2023:     Upcoming: Residency at Maison Artagon, France, June 2023.

2023:     Upcoming: Residency at Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, May 2023.

2023:     Residency at Le CENTQUATRE- PARIS, February 2023.

2023:     Residency at Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, January 2023.

2022:     Residency at Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, October 2022.

2022:     Residency in Im_flieger, Vienna.
2022:     Residency, P.A.R.T.S / ROSAS, Brussels.
2022:     Financial grant from the Fund for Independent Creators, Israel.
2022:     Residency at the Ménagerie de Verre, Paris.

2021:      Residency at the “Cité International des Arts” Paris (November 2021).

2021:      Residency at Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Tel Aviv.

2021:      Development grant from “Mifal Hapayis” (The Israeli national lottery fund) for my work


2021:      Residency at Le CENTQUATRE- PARIS. Supported by the Israeli embassy in France.

2021:      Residency at Kelim- A body for choreographic work. Bat Yam.

2020:     Residency at La Briqueterie- CDNC (Centre de développement chorégraphique national du


2020:     Masterclass at CDCN Atelier de Paris by Yasmin Hugonnet. Fully funded by ADAMI.

2019:      Residency at the “Cité International des Arts” Paris, for one year.

2019:      Financial grant from The “Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts” for my  piece


2019:      Financial grant from “Mifal Hapayis” (The Israeli national lottery fund) for my residency at the 

                 “Cité  Internationale des Arts” Paris.

2018:       Residency, P.A.R.T.S / ROSAS, Brussels.

2018:       Development grant from “Mifal Hapayis” (The Israeli national lottery fund) for my work


2018:       Homegrown Incubator Residency- a program for young artists to create their debut at "Habait  

                  Theatre" Tel Aviv Jaffa.

2015:       Scholarship and workshop, "The Nomadic School" Riga, hosted by the international festival of 

                 contemporary theatre "Homo Novus".  

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