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Installation and performance by Noa Segev

”Schweig und Sprechen” - meaning silence and speech - is named after Noa's grandparents’ surnames. It presents the silent and present physical traces of family heritage. The installation is made out of hundreds of drinking glasses from Noa's great-great-grandfather's former factory in Weisswasser, East Germany. It emphasizes different layers of reality and time via reflections, projections, and sound. The glasses serve as the generator of music and also as a filter for the sound and movement the performers produce. It shows and examines the relations between silence and speech, history and future, memory and heritage and in that manner tell, in the most impersonal way, a personal story. 

Creator (Concept, art direction, spatial design, and production): Noa Segev

Thesis supervisors: Theo Lorenz Tanja Siems, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio

Sound, programming and performance: Yoshiki Ichihara

Choreography and performance: Nina Traub

Costume: Raluca Grada

© 2019 Noa Segev

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