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dance performance for two dancers, 21 minutes, 2017

In twilights, dread sprouts out of the dusk.

The color is the place. Screen of light and warmth. Inside of it, natural powers and textures: light, temperatures, Subterranea.

The search after an origin to movement travels through words and climates and is a catalyzer for simultaneous action and repetition. A process of accumulation, different forms of intensiveness and a joint endeavor to refine movement in order to precise feelings. The desire to be in one thing gives birth to a uniform stubborn physicality. The cold movement coexists with the warmth of the struggling body and balances.

Where the Sun Sets is an ascetic quiet duet. From the gentle connection between visuality and

physicality a total-stage-world. The execution reflects the methodical work process, in which the physicality - made of rules, structure and order - is streaped, deconstructed and practiced in an extended research process.

The choreography is embedded deeply, the images and the performers’ execution blend into one.

Choreography: Nina Traub

Dancers: Meshi Olinky, Nina Traub

Stage and Costume design: Nina Traub

Light design: Hanni Vard

Production: Nurit Dreamer

Produced as part of the Finale event at the SVT - School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem

A translated text, originally written for The Autumn Cult festival by art director Amit Drori 

© 2020 Nina Traub

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