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short film, 28 minutes, 2020

The short film Hive is a collaboration between three artists, who were quarantined in the artist residence facility of Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The lockdown imposed by French law has led to the emergence of a variety of restrictions which are the basis of this ongoing project.
Yet, Hive does thematize the situation in Paris metaphorically at most. The psychological journey of the protagonist speaks of the world beyond the confinement: stipulations of social roles, productivity, nationality are invisible walls that will not leave with the quarantine prescribed by law. We are involuntarily born into social schemes that we voluntarily appropriate. And yet we live in the name of and praise individual freedom. 

Realization and production: Lukas Zerbst, Nina Traub

DanceNina Traub
Composition and recording: Koki Nakano
Produced by Cité Internationale des Arts and supported by HaZira Performance Art Arena

© 2020 Nina Traub

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