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Faintings - soundtrack
27 minutes, 2023

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Syn Syn Presents "Faintings" by Zoe Polanski and Nina Traub: A Mesmerizing Convergence of Music and Dance- an avant-garde soundtrack that transcends the boundaries of both music and movement – the "Faintings" soundtrack is the collaborative brainchild of visionary artists Zoe Polanski and Nina Traub. This album stands as a testament to the remarkable synergy between sound and dance, a harmonious fusion of creative minds that promises to leave audiences utterly captivated. Composed by the duo, Zoe Polanski and Nina Traub, "Faintings" was conceived as the sonic companion to Nina's spellbinding dance performance, a captivating interplay of four performers set to unfold over a mesmerizing 45-minute duration.


Nina Traub's imaginative creation "Faintings" opens with a visually arresting mise-en-scène: a central circular stage hosts a minimalist wooden

sculpture reminiscent of a weeping willow, casting its emotive shadow over Zoe Polanski, cocooned within its branches with an array of musical instruments. The stage backdrop, a colossal acrylic painting on paper, becomes a living canvas where verdant branches burst forth, cascading downwards in a cascade of poignant tears. Zoe Polanski's composition skillfully marries ambient pop with evocative emotion and suspense, weaving a sonic tapestry that deftly mirrors the intensity of Nina's choreography. The album also features soul-stirring covers of musical luminaries Bonnie Prince Billy and Mount Eerie, showcasing Zoe's versatility as a musical force and add an additional layer of nostalgia and familiarity to the ethereal soundscape."Faintings" is more than an album; it is an ethereal journey into the realms of artistic symbiosis, where music and movement harmonize to create an experience that resonates deeply within the soul. 

Written and Produced: by Zoe Polanski, Nina Traub
A Strange Form of Life written by Will Oldham
With My Hands Out written by Philip Whitman Elverum
Mix: Zoe Polanski
Mastering: Aviad Zinemanas
Artwork: Nina Traub

released September 27, 2023 by SYN SYN, Berlin


© 2020 Nina Traub

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