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shared life performance evening, by 9 artist in 9 days for the International performance conference 0:7 in Jerusalem.


To the graduates of the past year.

A proposal. One that can be declined or accepted. To which one can be devoted to.

A proposal for shared life. In time and in space. A known space from other times when you were a student.

A proposal that embodies the chance for shared thought and shared action.

A proposal that does not vouch for an outcome. Just vouching for the option of convergence. For the option of being together.

Nine artists. Alumni of the School of Visual Theatre meet again, one year after their graduation, to live together in the school’s spaces, to create and to curate an event.

Participants: Hoodi Ben Ami, Noam Alon, Sia Preminger, Yasmin Steinmetz, Anat Bosak, Lula Almog, Itamar Banai, Clémence Turpin, Nina Traub

A translated text, originally written as an invitation for International Performance Conference 0:7  festival by art director Maya Levy 

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